THE EMPOWERED by RHYTHM Drumming program encompasses the 6R elements (Relational, Relative, Repetitive Rewarding, Rhythmic and Respectful) by Dr Bruce Perry.

The program is delivered over 6 sessions and incorporates repetitive patterned rhythms with hand drumming in a safe learning environment and combines SEL (social emotional learning)  and evidence based approaches to create outcomes that demonstrate positive results in participants.

As well as integrating evidenced based practices such as the CASEL 5 core competencies and Dr Bruce Perry's NMT approaches across all programs Healing the Beat also fuse the Award winning Holyoakes DRUMBEAT® applications that have reached over 50,000 participants worldwide assuring that all programs delivered to the Community soundly embody professional and evidence based methods.

Healing the Beat has delivered the EMPOWERED by RHYTHM program to communities and schools in the endeavour to improve participants:

  • Social Emotional Learning comprehension

  • Student absenteeism and promote engagement

  • Self awareness and self regulation

  • Mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Self worth and self esteem

Healing the Beat has facilitated the Empowered through rhythm program in: 

Morwell Central Primary school, Waverly Meadows Primary school, Pakenham Secondary college, Sale College, Koo Wee Rup Secondary college, Warragul Primary school, Warragul North Primary school, Lardner and district Primary school and the Baw Baw shire.